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Love you like nature

Experience such a morning. Believe in Love.

One day I would,
Paint the skies with your color and,
Load the wind with your fragrance.

One day I would,
Put a twinkle in your eyes and,
Play music on your nose-pin.

One day I would,
Two souls:
One is the reflection of other
Watch you secretly like stars and,
Capture you like a mountain.

One day I would,
Mould the waves like your breast and,
Set you free like a perennial spring.

One day I would,
Kiss you with the warmth of Sun and,
Hug you with intensity of a whirlwind.

One day We would,
Dream our way to the clouds.


Donna Golden at: November 05, 2012 said...

Such nice poetry, Kunj. I like it.


{ kunj pratap } at: November 06, 2012 said...

@Donna Golden Many thanks Donna.

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