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Pavagadh - Revisiting history

On the hills of Panchmahals district of Gujarat, among the several shakti-peeth (seats to worship shakti) is the one - Pavagadh. Nestled among the serene, warm and green hills, Pavagadh is a destination for both religious and nature enthusiasts.

Thousands of people visit Pavagadh on full-moon days

An exciting family trip to Pavagadh on a full-moon day was crowded, noisy and adventurous. During the month of Chaitra (the first month of Hindi calendar), not all private vehicles are permitted to ride-up the hills. One can take the public transport buses from the foot of the hills until the top. Thereafter, one can take rope-way coaches to reach close to the hill-shrine. Walking some hundred yards further would take the visitor to the stairs of the temple. A hundred more stairs and the Mother Goddess appears.

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