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shooting in motion

It is not easy to shoot while on move, particularly because you miss more shots than you take! It is comparable to digging the Earth, you get more rocks than gold! After a long time, recently I  had a journey where I was enthusiastic enough to keep shooting while traveling.

One of the challenge that comes in shooting while moving is to be alert all the times with the camera powered on! With a camera which is slow to power on will also make you slow on luck to capture what you want. In this blog I will share 10 tips for my readers to shoot while you move.

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Nirvana Love


"It is better to burn out than fade away"

Dedicated to Kurt Cobain and his lovers across the world.

I have posted here just over a hundred pictures of Kurt and Nirvana which I downloaded from multiple sources. Please note in this collection no rights are owned by kunjmann.
The legend of grunge is alive, somewhere.

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