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An Invisible Threat

Here come global warnings, I mean global warming. It is there in the televisions and in the newspapers. It is there in the discussions over coffee and in those in the Parliament. It is in the academics and especially in researches. It is in our lives. Can we avoid it? - that is the Big question. Should we avoid it? - and that is the bigger question. Efforts are on world over to ‘fight’ it. There are multiple hypotheses of global warming and resulting climate change putting blames from man to God (Lewis, 2007). The scientist fraternity has multiple poles of consensus (U. S. Senate Minority Report, 2009). The uncertainties are further catalyzed by the predictions of unprecedented events (NASA GISS, 2002). A layman has many choices to worry about. They are the effects of global warming which multiply such worries. It is accepted that as the world becomes warmer, the climate of the planet will change very fast. This can lead to mass flooding of the coasts, increased desertification and extreme weather conditions with intensified and frequented catastrophe that too cataclysmically, in general (Ackerman & Stanton, 2008). There is much more that is unknown what global warming can result into. Any such event is sure to have an effect on the lives of the people on the planet. Life on Earth will change forever (NASA GISS, 2006, 2007, 2008). Such invisible threats cast an effect on the process of development, today in advance. This warrants our action.
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Cool Mac Wallpapers

I had a collection of some 176 cool Mac Wallpapers which I downloaded from multiple sources and I love them. I thought, it will be good to share my collection with other Mac lovers.

In case you are looking for some fancy ways to decorate your desktop, you can view the collection 'here' and download the album from there. Alternatively, you can navigate through the thumbnail link placed at the foot of this paragraph for your convenience.
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Facts about Global Warming

  1. 2005 was the warmest year on the record. Eleven of the warmest years in the last 125 years have occurred since 1990.
  2. In 1995 the power produced in the world by wind was 4800 megawatts. In 2005 it was 59000 mega watts.
  3. 35000 people died in Europe in 2003 due to heat waves.
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