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Time-bound: in Ahmadabad


Ahmadabad is the largest city of a western province Gujarat in India. It should not be an exaggeration if I say that Diwali is the most important festival in this part on the world. The business community celebrates a week long (or even longer!) holiday post Diwali. That means, most shops don’t open for a week or so. The streets look deserted even during the day. And that also means that if someone like me who is new to the city is going there post Diwali, it is a challenge to locate someone to ask directions! My time-bound visit to the city last weekend left me with two memorable experiences that exposed hidden traits of humanity to me.

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O man, Wake yourself up


Suddenly I heard my hearts scream...

''O man,
Wake yourself up
What you see in winds blow?
In autumn trees, in water's flow??
What you find in morning dew?
In the burning Sun, in cool Moon glow''
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