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Let's open-source it!

"The concept of open-source software is not new, and with huge, successful projects such as UbuntuAndroidand other Linux-related OS's and apps, I think we can safely say it is a proven model for creating and maintaining high-quality software. But let's say you're a novice developer, just getting started as a coder and thinking about whether or not this open-source thing is worth your time and effort.

I'm here to show you why you should seriously consider giving away your time and effort for free, on a regular basis." by Erez Zukerman.

I use several open source applications and I am confident that you too do so. When I was new to this concept, I used to wonder why do these guys (read developers) toil on open source projects and make available to the users mostly for FREE? Do they make any money out of this work? Is it mere fun for them? Well, the answers to all these questions are in part 'Yes' and in part 'No'.
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