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Love you like nature

Experience such a morning. Believe in Love.

One day I would,
Paint the skies with your color and,
Load the wind with your fragrance.

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Miss Butterfly

Very, very beautiful and lively in May,
She appeared dressed in yellow one day.
Her dress was coloured like a turmeric flesh,
With white splashes shaped as a mulberry fresh.

She halts and flows, and she sits and sighs,
Here and there, but never away from my eyes.
At all the places she sat, there flourished a flower,
Roamed free in my garden to spread a divine power.

Full of life, she appeared very gay,
One look at her and forget what to say.
Wondered in two minds, if I can go closer,
Or like a figment spirit, shall I just pursue her.

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tell me, tell me

Blue Rock Pigeons
Tell me, What's in your heart?
Tell me, Why were we apart?

Tell me, What yet haven't you told?
Tell me, Why you not met me before?

Tell me the time, Tell me the date.
If you can tell me, Very well tell my fate.

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Gandhigiri and Dadagiri

Imagine all living life in peace and prosperity
"That is dadagiri" - I said to myself as I watched a rooster snatching food from young roosters in backyard of the cottage of a poor tribal in Mayurbhanj, Orissa. While waiting for farmers to join for a public meeting I was watching the ducks and roosters play. The dadagiri act of the matured rooster urged me to think.

The young roosters and hens accepted the might of the matured rooster and eventually surrendered. He would capture the grains of rice, bhel and everything else thrown towards the flock and the young and weak roosters would feed on his leftover. Albeit the matured rooster eats more and grows stronger, while the young weak roosters eat less and weaken further. This is how a cycle of suffering was created.

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