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The unfortunate silence of the lambs

Unhappy. Disappointed. I have been hit by the unfortunate silence of the lambs.

This post has perhaps little to do with the Oscar winning 'The Silence of the Lambs' starring Jodie Foster. It is about a personal incident demonstrating the silence of the lambs.

I do not question the choice of the Almighty to not have given them a dominating voice. I am not sure if I can give a voice to them, but I am confidently capable of publicly admitting my sentiments. If something troubles me regarding their silence - it is sensitivity.

Once I was riding pillion on a motorbike with an acquaintance who single-mindedly decided to take a short route through tight zig-zag streets. New to those streets, I kept mum.

Careful! I cried.

Albeit, it was late. A lamb was hit. Her crushed legs got entangled in the front wheels. As I stepped down to pull her aside, the guy started speeding. Helpless, I had to literally flee from the SPOT with him.

"...She could have earned a weeks' food for the butchers' family. She could have birthed a few more lambs. She could have...She could have...She could have..."  Invaded by similar thoughts, I awarded myself with a resolution.

"Knock...knock..." - and the lady who answered the door refused to recognise me. Her son too. Her daughter too. Introducing myself, pointing to the lamb, I said - "I am responsible for that". Everybody was silent for a while, besides the lamb.

After-all, she is just a kid...
Soon, I was inside their home as a guest, offering my apologies and receiving their hospitality. It was only after substantial insistence, they agreed to accept a meagre amount as a compensation.

I do not know if something like this has been said already, so here I say - "Opportunities to seek an earnest apology are rarely offered by life - they must be used".

It was definitely not the 15th of August, but I sensed freedom. Freedom from a guilt. I feel better, much better.


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