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Pavagadh - Revisiting history

On the hills of Panchmahals district of Gujarat, among the several shakti-peeth (seats to worship shakti) is the one - Pavagadh. Nestled among the serene, warm and green hills, Pavagadh is a destination for both religious and nature enthusiasts.

Thousands of people visit Pavagadh on full-moon days

An exciting family trip to Pavagadh on a full-moon day was crowded, noisy and adventurous. During the month of Chaitra (the first month of Hindi calendar), not all private vehicles are permitted to ride-up the hills. One can take the public transport buses from the foot of the hills until the top. Thereafter, one can take rope-way coaches to reach close to the hill-shrine. Walking some hundred yards further would take the visitor to the stairs of the temple. A hundred more stairs and the Mother Goddess appears.

Up in the air and hanging due to power-cut...

I was happily surprised by the services arranged by the Government to help visitors reach the hill-top through buses and the rope-way. Their efficiency have added to the overall tourism potential of the place. The public transport buses were more frequent and comfortable than expected and the rope-way experience was incredible! A power-cut in the middle of the journey was like a splash of thrill...

A happening bazaar welcomes all those who disembark the rope-way coaches to land on the hill. Full of hustle and bustle, this bazaar is an ideal place for - unsupervised children to loose way, quench thrist/hunger with compromising foods and a convincing halt if tired of following several looped queues.

A view from the top of Pavagadh hills
It is common to notice people floating in the joys of divinity, buoyant with the influx of divine power, the loud sacred music and an auspicious ambience in temples of such league. It was not easy for me to answer the questions of my nieces/nephews who were accompanying me regarding all that they noticed during their way. After receiving darshan and prasad it was a pleasant trip back to the foot of the hills. During our return, I was astonished to notice that hundreds of devotees DO NOT use any motor transport and rather walk all the way to the top! However, some people would hire palanquins wherever possible.

People have been visiting this shrine for thousands of years to worship the Mother Goddess. Things historical do not change with time, they are simply revisited. I hope I too would re-visit. The frolic, the cheer, the soothing music and the peaceful-noises which the temple has in its store, do not liberate the devotees for a long time...


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