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shooting in motion

It is not easy to shoot while on move, particularly because you miss more shots than you take! It is comparable to digging the Earth, you get more rocks than gold! After a long time, recently I  had a journey where I was enthusiastic enough to keep shooting while traveling.

One of the challenge that comes in shooting while moving is to be alert all the times with the camera powered on! With a camera which is slow to power on will also make you slow on luck to capture what you want. In this blog I will share 10 tips for my readers to shoot while you move.

Tip 1: Be ready with the machine.
Tip 2: Keep looking around.
Tip 3: Adjust frame and focus for the position(s) likely to emerge in the next few seconds.
Tip 4: If you miss an object, do not loose heart. You maybe fortunate to notice a quite similar object very soon.
Tip 5: Holding the camera with firm hands is non-negotiable.
Tip 6: Take multiple shots of an object whenever possible.
Tip 7: Even if you are not sure to be able to quickly take a shot, still make an attempt. Something has forever been better than nothing.
Tip 8: Change directions.
Tip 9: Get sufficient batteries to ensure you do not run out of power.
Tip 10: Be careful of your machine.

I wish these tips can be of some help. 'These' are the pictures that I managed to shoot while on journey. Readers are encouraged and requested to share their experiences and tips.


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