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O man, Wake yourself up

Suddenly I heard my hearts scream...

''O man,
Wake yourself up
What you see in winds blow?
In autumn trees, in water's flow??
What you find in morning dew?
In the burning Sun, in cool Moon glow''
Disclaimer: All the rights for the above poem are owned by the original writer and not kunjmann. This poem was retrieved on Oct 15, 2011 from

This is an extract from a poem written by Shri Alok Mishra from Bihar. The entire poem can be read 'here

I found this insightful poem on a website created by a devout lover of Jesus to distribute complimentary copies of Bible. Yes, you can also get your complimentary copy 'here'. The website can be browsed at

By sharing this post, I would like to Thank and pray for Book Of Life.

God Bless Book Of Life.
Live long Book Of Life.


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