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Facts about Global Warming

  1. 2005 was the warmest year on the record. Eleven of the warmest years in the last 125 years have occurred since 1990.
  2. In 1995 the power produced in the world by wind was 4800 megawatts. In 2005 it was 59000 mega watts.
  3. 35000 people died in Europe in 2003 due to heat waves.
Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) are chemical substances that persist in the environment, bioaccumulate through the food web, and pose a risk of causing adverse effects to human health and the environment. With the evidence of long-range transport of these substances to regions where they have never been used or produced and the consequent threats they pose to the environment of the whole globe, the international community has now, at several occasions called for urgent global actions to reduce and eliminate releases of these chemicals.
IPCC list of greenhouse gases
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Gases relevant to radiative forcing only ( as per IPCC documentation)

Gases relevant to radiative forcing and ozone depletion (as per IPCC documentation)
(Source : IPCC radiative forcing report 1994 updated (to 1998) by IPCC TAR table 6.1 [1]. See also [2].
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Anonymous at: December 04, 2010 said...

It seems like now you'll need to update your facts since 2010 is also likely to be a record breaking year (see the Hindu and Climate Charts & Graphs). This is definitely a "contemporary" topic, and one which is still surrounded in a lot of uncertainty and controversy. For instance, you have provided a table of gases which contribute to ozone depletion, but as you might have read from various sources throughout 2010, the hole in the ozone layer has been healing itself, and that may, in turn, actually accelerate global warming (see the New York Times, Science Daily, and National Geographic).

By the way, your tables are totally illegible, and the links to the larger versions appear to be broken! Since you are on the Blogger platform, it should be pretty easy for you to embed a Google Docs spreadsheet as an alternative way to view the table. Plus, if you ever need to change the data, you just edit your Google Docs spreadsheet and your blog will also be updated.

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