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Probability of exploitation

Hey, that’s a snake! No, no, no. That is a fish, out of water and jumping eagerly. It will be an irony to advise the fish to have patience. When I tried to help her, and catch in my hands so that I can put her in the side by pond, she kept slipping out. Why doesn’t she realize that I am the one trying to help her and not kill her? I guess, because the probability of somebody helping a fish out of water is very low and the probability to kill her is very high. Her mother must have taught her these probabilities. 

Fishes are vulnerable creatures and their vulnerability heightens when they are out of water. Now, I relate this to the case of helping a tribal for development, that is, giving them choices. It is difficult to help them not because the nature of the work, but because they also see these probabilities in a different manner than us. They have been looted more often than being helped. Thus, their ancestors must have propagated the message that the outsiders are more likely to cause damage to their culture, civilization, and lives than they are likely to help. We are the outsiders who become the suspect. However, the scenario is changing fast but, the probability of them being looted by outsiders are still higher than them being helped. Do we know when will this historical exploitation become a history?

Once beaten, twice shy.  Twice beaten...


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