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Are all the mothers same?

It has been quite some time that I left my home for studies and work and so did many of my friends. In many of the conversations with friends I realized that I'm not alone who is nostalgic (admitting hereby). We persistently used to miss the home cooked food and everything else. One of the strategies which I followed while in college was to befriend girls who were living with their families and then become a parasite to their lunch boxes! It worked most of the times and I was happy.

Gradually, I started to map the perceptions of the people about families, parents and especially mothers. I was able to identify a pattern, however, not very consistent. It seemed to me that those who have been away from their families and parents for some time after their adolescence have more fonder memories, respect and worries for them. In general, such people miss their home more often and with grace. They are the people who are more attached to their families, in other words (exceptions not denied). On the other hand, those who have never been away from home do not value the family values and a small thing like home cooked food, as much as their "migrated" counterparts. In a family, for the needs of the children, the most important role is played by a mother. I never doubted that mothers anywhere in the world can have differential feelings for their children. In fact, I strongly believe (personal bias not ruled out) that mothers all over the world have more or less the same feelings and concerns for their children - irrespective of social status and other criteria of divisions.

Recently, I realized that this assumption of mine goes well with animals also. We have a few cats here who keep giving births to kittens now and then. The most recent kittens came a month ago - four of them. Fortunately or unfortunately we do also have few dogs and bitches here who also participate in such seasonal activities. The most recent puppies they had been some two months back. Some other mighty animal, may be some man or some hungry older dog (can they be the same?) killed all of the puppies. Say rather, the puppies disappeared overnight. The bitch was disturbed and behaved abnormally for many days. But this incident did not disturbed me as much the following one did.

The kittens were growing and making fun all day. Playing around, climbing the trees (yes!), leaving shit on my important documents, sitting on my computer and sleeping on my bed! I had slowly started to like their do's and dont's. I and my friends used to feed them and ask about them if could not find them around, in return we took our pictures with them. They started accompanying us for the evening walk too. The bitch who also happens to be a mother, surprisingly, killed all of them yesterday. For the first time I could see grief in the eyes of the cat. We call her Princess. The world has looted one more kingdom. But why did I feel it that way? It is simply a rung in the food chain. I never bothered about the chicks when I eat chicken. Moreover, the cat can anytime find love and again get pregnant. It is not at all a big deal. I made many statements to myself as well my friends to rub off the idea. But there was something that struck me, not sure. I just thought, is not the bitch also a mother?


{ laila } at: March 08, 2010 said...

I think the other kittens were taken away to safety and one of them was eaten by the bitch. You know what is really wierd i did not do anything for the kittens even when i had the opportunity to do so. I hated the fact that they were taken away, sometimes it gets so lonely here that the puppies and kittens were the only ones i could find to talk to. But u know what after reading this i would like to admit one thing i never once even tried to feed them or take care of them, even though i claim to love them. and i really do love them...but feeding them or taking care of them just didnt come to me naturally and now that they are gone i dont miss them so much....i dnt really know how to comprehend this reaction of mine.reading this piece of yours has really got me thinking...but i wonder how long this effect would last!!

{ kunjmann } at: March 09, 2010 said...

Thanks Laila,

You never know what happened to the kittens. I believe it this way. I don't really miss them either. But I have been thinking something these days...

{ Ananda } at: March 19, 2010 said...

This is a difficult topic to comment on. While the dog is definitely a mother, and it's tempting to personify animals (I do so all the time), it's difficult to determine whether or not animals have a sense of morality.

Even so, are the behaviors of the dog--an animal typically seen as an enemy of a cat--any more surprising or disturbing than the way that some humans (not a "natural enemy") treat animals? I regularly see people seeming to take pleasure at throwing stones at cats and dogs who are otherwise minding their own business.

As for the destiny of the kittens, I miss them too. I really enjoyed having the Princess in Training around to give me a break from correcting your assignments ;-)

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